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4 gennaio 2010

Lo IALS -  Progetto DanzaInVideo, sta realizzando per l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Zagabria una rassegna di video danza ...


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Progetto DanzaInVideo per la Regione Lazio


“Danza in Video” Project for the region of Lazio

 IALS (the National Centre of Dance, Music and Theatre) continues its journey through the realities and peculiarities of the region of Lazio. The journey starts with a 3 year research project based on the heritage of folklore and traditional dance of the region.

 The primary aim of the research is to appreciate and to recover a phenomenon that, although constitutes much of the cultural heritage of our land, risks getting lost due to the spontaneous and random nature of the region, most of the time only remembered thanks to enthusiasts that are not integrated in a relationship system.

 Amongst IALS’s activities to help promote dance along with the recognition of the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the “DanzaInVideo” project was launched in 1997 with the intention of identifying and cataloguing film and video materials, both edited and unedited, that have affected Italian dance from the 1900s to today. The purpose of this project is to preserve the memory of Italy’s history of dance and, with time, to spread this lively creative heritage in today’s world, with the hope of influencing and deepen the most recent directing and film production techniques.


The procedure will be carried out via two main stages. Firstly, one needs to create a way to map out the existing archived sources, public and private, in order to persuade production organisations, artists and directors to authorize the storage of their videos in conservation and referencing centres and archives. The ‘Discoteca di Stato di Roma’ (Centre for cultural heritage) has been the main point of reference for IALS since the start of the project together with other important centres such as the National Accademy of Dance, the Opera of Rome and the San Carlo Theatre in Naples. Today, around 80 choreographers and companies have consented their videos that were then referenced, catalogued and therefore available for public use, accessible to find and view at no cost.

Alongside this, there will be those who are working to promote and create dance material within the already existing archives, aiming to completely re-do, at times, material that has already been provided by other users.

Within this work, IALS will also carry out the above-mentioned feasible research in order to create a network of video centres in Lazio, of which Civitavecchia was created in 2008.

 Through the “DanzaInVideo” project, IALS has for many years tried to strengthen the possibility of an integration between the filing of audiovisual systems and their divulgation on the internet.

 This study, together with an precise exam on new technological infrastructures, has generated new opportunities to consolidate and innovate the way in which video documentation about dance is  preserved and distributed.


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